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Tuff Stuff Max Amp alternators

These new Max Amp alternators from Tuff Stuff are available chrome plated, in black powder coat, or in Factory Cast PLUS+ finishes.

With all of the additional gadgets we’ve come to expect while driving, today’s cars can be power-hungry beasts, especially if we try and stuff all that modern tech into our vintage ride. We add things to our vintage cars to enjoy them more comfortably, but the additional load often puts a strain on the charging system. Tuff Stuff Performance has just announced its new line of Max Amp alternators designed to fit nearly all GM muscle car and truck applications.

These new Max Amp alternators are a bolt-in replacement for the 10DN, 10SI, and CS130 alternators used from 1963 through 1994, and are available from Tuff Stuff Performance for use as a one-wire or OEM hookup. The Max Amp alternators designed for 10SI and CS130 applications also include the necessary adapter for OEM hookup applications.

The 7127/7935-Series Max Amp alternators are the same mounting dimensions as the Delco 10DN (1963 to 1970 GM cars and light trucks), the Delco 10SI (1971 to 1986 GM cars and light trucks), and the Delco CS130 (1987 to 1994 GM cars and light trucks) with a straight 6.60-inch hole spacing. The 7866-Series alternators are the same as the Delco CS130 (1987 to 1994 GM cars and light trucks) with a 6.125-inch straight-hole spacing. The 7861-Series alternators are for the Delco CS130 (1987 to 1994 GM cars and light trucks) with a left-offset 5.25-inch hole spacing.

These new, high-output alternators provide up to 165 Amps at idle and a whopping 225 Amps at full charge. Due to the high output potential of the Tuff Stuff Performance Max Amp alternators, a #4- or #2-gauge charge wire is required (wire gauge dependent on wire length and battery location).

The alternators are available in chrome plated, black powder coat, or Factory Cast PLUS+ finishes. And, as with all Tuff Stuff Performance products, each alternator is built in the USA from 100% new components, exceeds OEM specifications, and carries a one-year limited warranty. For more information call 216-961-1800 or visit Tuff Stuff’s website.

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