Upgrade To Port Injection With Fitech Ultra-Port EFI

The key to improving performance, drivability, throttle response, and economy is better fuel control. Electronic fuel injection (EFI) has been a major contributor to the increased power, performance, and mileage that we enjoy today with our cars. The folks at Fuel Injection Technology (Fitech) are a major player in bringing all the benefits of EFI to vintage cars as well. This new Fitech Ultra-Port EFI system is the company’s most recent innovation in improving fuel control.

Fitech Ultra-Port EFI for small-block Chevy

Port injection affords a higher level of control by introducing the fuel immediately above the intake valve.

Controlling the fuel at every cylinder’s intake port ensures that each cylinder gets the necessary amount of fuel with a minimum of puddling within the intake tract. Fitech is now offering its new Ultra-Port system for small- and big-block Chevy engines. Each Ultra Port package comes complete with an intake manifold, fuel rails, injectors, a stand-alone ECU, all necessary sensors, and a harness. For easy adjustments and monitoring, a hand-held touchscreen and premium magnetic mount are also included.

Customers can choose between Fitech's classic style (left) throttle body, or its universal throttle body in either bright (center) or black (right) finishes.

Customers can choose from several high-flow FiTech throttle bodies. Throttle body options include a classic throttle body design in either gold or matte black, or the new Universal 4150 throttle body offered in black or brilliant finish. The new Fitech Ultra-Port EFI system can sustain varying horsepower options ranging from 500 horsepower up to 1,000!

Check out the company’s website for all the info on these new Fitech Ultra-Port EFI systems and to order the perfect EFI system for your application. As a bonus, all Fitech EFI systems are covered by Fitech’s warranty. FiTech warrants its products against defects in materials and workmanship, under normal use and service for three years from the date of original purchase. With all of today’s advancements in fuel delivery, adding all the benefits of port-fuel injection has never been easier.

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