Genesis Duran And Her 1950 Chevy

There’s a lot of banter about how the youth of today are not interested in cars. This story recently posted by KABB Fox San Antonio just shows that a broad brushstroke like that couldn’t be further from the truth. In the video, Genesis Duran shares a little bit about her 1950 Chevy that she and her father built together.

What becomes obvious, is that the reporter and the camera person were likely not “car people” let alone ones rabid about Chevrolets. While a picture is worth a thousand words, and a video offers even more, I’m sure most of the folks reading this would have loved to see more of Genesis’ 1950 Chevy Lowrider, like what engine it has under the hood.

What the video does show is a very nice example of a ‘60s-style custom. Whether or not you like the color or the gold/chrome treatment is irrelevant because we’d bet Mr. Duran and his daughter love it. Genesis even points out some of these cues, stating, “Your car describes you as a person.” No cookie-cutter cars here.

“People expect to see a man in the driver’s seat. But they’ll see me and give me a thumbs up,” Genesis explains. “You hardly see women in the lowrider community. Whenever you do, the lowrider community is always hyping you up or making you feel valued in this community… I appreciate it so much because it helps me want to do better for the women here in San Antonio.”

Father And Daughter 1950 Chevy

We love the fact Genesis and her dad worked on this car together. The story states that the paternal Duran got each of the kids their own car and they built them together in the family’s backyard. You don’t have to guess the level of enthusiasm Genesis’ dad has for cars. There was obviously enough to overflow into the next generation.

Genesis Duran in her 1950 Chevy

“People expect to see a man in the driver’s seat. But they’ll see me and give me a thumbs up!”

The focus of this piece was a human-interest story about Genesis and her father’s love of cars. Of course, you can tell that we’re ecstatic they share that passion, but we’d still love to know more about the little coupe.

The video does show the car on what we would assume are hydraulics, due to the quick action of the suspension when she raises it during the short video. There’s also an aftermarket steering wheel and column in the shot. Other than that, we’re left to guess. Which is a shame, since a lot of work went into this particular 1950 Chevy.

But, if a car is going to be up-staged in a video, we’d much prefer it run second-fiddle to a story about a father blending his love for cars and family, and passing the automotive passion to the next generation. This story has both in spades and as with any good story, it leaves you wanting for more.

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