Protect Your GM A-Body With A BMR Driveshaft Safety Loop

If you have spent any amount of time at a drag strip then you have most likely witnessed the result of sticky tires and a driveshaft or u-joint not playing nice together. A broken drive shaft or u-joint not only brings your race day to an abrupt halt, it can do serious damage to your car as well. So when it comes to safeguarding your 1968-1972 GM A-Body while adhering to NHRA safety regulations, BMR Suspension offers a high-quality solution with its Driveshaft Safety Loop. Constructed from 1/4-inch laser-cut CNC-formed plate steel, the DSL410 model from BMR provides robust protection without the need for complex fabrication or welding.

Featuring a user-friendly design, the BMR Driveshaft Loop boasts a convenient two-piece configuration that simplifies installation without requiring the removal of the driveshaft. The quick and easy installation of this safety loop means that in an hour or less, you can add protection and safety to your ride. Not to mention the tech inspectors at your track will like it. This design features a securely mounted loop that remains intact in the event of a driveshaft or u-joint failure, preventing potential injuries to the driver or the underside of the vehicle by preventing any debris from piercing through the vehicle’s floor.

Investing in the BMR GM A-Body Driveshaft Safety Loop offers affordable insurance to safeguard your vehicle investment and grants you peace of mind whether you’re hitting the track or cruising on the streets. Designed to meet the demands of street performance, drag racing, and road course applications, the DSL410 model is available in black hammertone and red powder coat finishes, so it looks as good as it protects. As with all of BMR’s products, this driveshaft safety loop is made in the USA. Visit the BMR Suspension site here for additional information and to check out all of their other GM A-Body products.

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