Reader’s Ride: Tim Lies’ 1950 Chevy Pickup

In the heart of a family’s garage was a project that would become more than just a restoration; it would become a lasting memory. Tom Lies’ 1950 Chevy pickup narrative is about family ties, the evolution of passions, and the extraordinary journey of a vintage truck that has won the hearts of everyone it met. This story is more than simply a restoration; it’s about how an ancient Chevy pickup became woven into the fabric of a family.

1950 Chevy Truck

A color combination that brings out the body lines and highlights all of the subtle changes.

A Family Matter

The story starts with the ambition of Tom’s 15-year-old son. With great aspirations and enthusiasm, he brought home the body and frame of a 1950 Chevy pickup that had been disassembled. This project, affectionately known as the “basket case,” was daunting yet full of possibility. The family banded together, devoting endless hours to the restoration, each member bringing their particular expertise to the overall effort. However, as the project progressed, the son’s interests shifted. A newfound passion with a Subaru STI prompted him to hand over the figurative baton—or, in this case, the truck keys—to his father, marking a shift in project management.

The story took another turn when Tom’s daughter, claimed the vehicle as her own. Her excitement breathed fresh life into the matter, propelling it forward until her automotive tastes switched toward a Jeep, drawn to the appeal of off-roading and the trails. With a graceful handoff, Tom was once again entrusted with the project, this time with a fresh drive to see it through.

1950 Chevy Pickup

Even in its unfinished state, the 1950 Chevy pickup was a sight to see at shows.

Recognizing the complexity of the challenge ahead, Tom and his wife enlisted the help of the Classic Car Studio in St. Louis, entrusting the truck to a team known for their superb craftsmanship and commitment to restoration perfection. The result was nothing short of miraculous—a painstakingly repaired 1950 Chevy truck that was not just a showcase of historic automotive design, but also a dependable vehicle, capable of embarking on excursions.

The added three inches of bed height was done seamlessly and integrated throughout the surrounding body panels.

Since its completion in the fall of 2019, shortly before the world was gripped by the unexpected problems of a pandemic, the truck has become an important part of Tom’s life. It waited patiently, waiting for normalcy to return, and when the Spring of 2021 brought a glimmer of hope for the open road, Tom and his family jumped at the chance. The truck, with all its family history and restored beauty, traveled across the United States from the sandy expanses of Arizona to the icy landscapes of Utah and Colorado, and through the heavy rains of a North Carolina storm. Since the spring of 2021, Tom and family have driven the truck 39,000 miles and enjoyed every mile. Each click of its odometer demonstrated its dependability, and each mile brought joy to those who traveled with it. Tom plans to continue the adventures in the spring of 2024.

1950 Chevy Pickup

It’s great to see a vehicle being used for its intended purpose, driving!

Subtle Body Modifications To A 1950 Chevy

The truck, however, is everything from conventional. With over 100 body alterations, it is a work of automotive art. The truck’s unusual profile was created by stretching the cab by four inches and shortening the bed by the same amount. The bed sides are three inches taller, and the dash, borrowed from a 1962 Nova, combines traditional muscle with current utility. The frame structure, built and inspired by NASCAR, offers unprecedented stability and strength. At the core of this mechanical marvel is a 6.0L LS engine that has been bored and stroked to 408 all-American cubic inches, and it is equipped with an electronic 8-Stack fuel injection system, making this Chevy pickup a mobile powerhouse.

1950 Chevy Pickup

There’s something about seeing an 8-Stack intake that gets the blood flowing.

Tom’s 1950 Chevy pickup has evolved into more than simply a pickup truck; it’s a mobile canvas that depicts the story of a family’s journey, a monument to the relationships that grew stronger with each turn of a wrench. It serves as a reminder of the fleeting nature of interests while emphasizing the lasting force of a common aim. Everywhere it goes, it inspires conversations, rekindles memories, and connects people from all walks of life who share stories about their beloved vehicles.

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As Tom and his family prepare for their next trip in the spring of 2024, this vintage Chevy truck stands ready. It is a sign of persistence, a remnant of the past, elegantly blended with the present, and a beacon of the infinite miles and stories yet to be told. In a world that is continually moving forward, Tom Lies’ 1950 Chevy pickup serves as a bridge to the past, connecting its passengers to memories, stories yet to unfold, and an indestructible spirit of adventure. This is more than just a truck story; it’s about a family, a trip, and the enduring legacy of a 1950 Chevy pickup that has evolved into more than just a source of transportation—it’s a member of the family.

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