Shawn Creswell’s Radical Supercharged Right Hand Drive C10

Shawn Creswell from Old Scool Creations wanted to put a really unique twist on his 1964 C10 project truck. So, Shawn decided to make his C10 right hand drive and went all out with a supercharged big-block Chevy for power. Shawn’s C10 drags frame, does smokey burnouts, and is a menace to society like any cool hot rod should be.

When Shawn started the C10 project, it was just your basic build that was powered by a small block Chevy and had a few suspension modifications. After Shawn started rolling on the project, the modifications started coming hard and fast. The truck was a long bed originally, but Shawn decided to hack off a few feet and turn the C10 into a short bed. Shawn built the entire frame himself with just a few parts laid out on a jig.

The right hand drive conversion was completed by Shawn to make his C10 different. Shawn really didn’t have to put a ton of engineering into the right hand drive conversion. The angle of the instrument panel and glove box are slightly different, but otherwise, everything is the same. If you’re wondering what secret parts Shawn used for the conversion you’ll be disappointed. The truck uses a steering box from a 1963 Split Window Corvette to make the conversion work.

If where the steering wheel sits doesn’t grab your attention, the supercharged big-block Chevy will. The engine is wearing a Weiand supercharger and a pair of Edelbrock carbs that feed the mill its air and fuel. This really amps up the look of the engine bay, but it’s still tame enough for plenty of street driving.

This truck really has an amazing story, so you’ll want to check out the entire video from AutotopiaLA. You’ll get to learn all the details about the build, and hear it roar as it cruises the streets with ease.

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