PRI 2023: New Moroso Big-Block Chevy, Two-Piece Racing Oil Pans

Taking a look through the Moroso catalog, and it’s a big one, you’ll find more oil pans than you ever thought possible. At the 2023 Performance Racing Industry show, the company had even more to show off as it continues to develop and improve its products.

Moroso oil pans, oil pan

Moroso is now incorporating a billet two-piece, O-ringed oil pan rail design in many of its big-block Chevy applications that offer racers the ability to more easily get to the bottom ends of their engines for maintenance and inspection.

Part number 20377 is a two-piece pan for the Mark IV big-block Chevy with an external wet sump oiling system. It’s 8-5/16-inch deep, clears a 4.75-inch stroke with most aluminum connecting rods, and holds seven quarts of engine lifeblood. It is also equipped with a double kick-out design with -8AN drainbacks, a windage screen, a trap door, and an anti-climb baffle for better oil control.

Moroso oil pans

Part numbers 20378 and 20379 fit the Donovan 500 and 700 engines with a wet sump. These oil pans, too, measure 8-5/16-inch deep, hold 7 quarts, clear a 5-inch stroke (20378) or a 4.75-inch stroke (20379) and they also feature the same kickout and fittings.

Moroso also debuted two new part numbers that fit the Brodix big-block Chevy blocks with wet sump systems, with one (PN 20380) clearing 5-inch stroke cranks and the other (PN 22167) clearing 4.75-inch stroke lengths. These also offer the double kickout design and other features and are for use with a 168-tooth flywheel.

Moroso oil pans, oil pan

Rounding out the menagerie of Moroso oil pan upgrades are two more part numbers that fit the CN/Energy Manufacturing/DRCE2 big-block Chevy engines. These feature all of the same specifications as the previously mentioned part numbers and are also built with the two-piece, O-ringed oil pan rail design. Upgrade your pan today.

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