SEMA 2023: Melling Offers Lineup Of Gen V LT Camshafts

As a leader in the high-performance aftermarket parts industry, Melling stays at the front of the pack by continually adding new products to its catalog. The latest offering from Melling is a lineup of camshafts for the Gen V LT family of engines to suit a variety of applications. From a moderate upgrade over the stock unit to a high-performance camshaft, Melling has an option for your LT engine.

The new camshafts cover a wide range of uses and power bands. The smallest of the LT cam line has an intake duration of 193 degrees at .050 inches of lift, while the largest of the cams has an intake duration of 230 degrees at .050 inches of lift. Rounding out the lineup are cams with intake durations of 218, 224, and 228 degrees.

LT camshafts

All of the camshafts are made from quality billet steel blanks and require VVT lockout bushings. Additionally, the Melling LT camshafts are all non-DOD designs. With the exception of the 193 duration cam, all of the LT camshafts require a fuel pump lobe lash cap. The fuel pump lobe on the Melling LT camshafts has been increased to ensure there is plenty of fuel for the direct injection fuel system. The 193 duration cam has a 14-percent larger fuel lobe diameter while the 218, 224, 228, and 230 duration camshafts have a 32-percent larger fuel lobe diameter.

LT camshafts

The Melling LT line of camshafts is offered for the 5.3-liter and 6.2-liter Gen V engines. If you have anything from an L82 to an L86 or LT1, then a Melling LT camshaft is available to increase performance. In addition to the LT camshafts, you can get your entire valvetrain upgraded with Melling components. From valve springs to pushrods and lifters, you can put together a complete valvetrain using high-quality parts that offer increased performance, reliability, and durability.

LT camshafts

For more information on Melling’s LT camshafts as well as the rest of its valvetrain components, visit their site here. Be sure to check Melling’s site often as they are continually expanding the number of camshaft options.

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