Take Control Of Your 1963-70 C10 With POL’s Stage 5 Suspension Kit

Chevrolet’s C10 and GMC C15 trucks are red-hot right now, but their OEM handling isn’t. That is why Performance Online (POL) has created a Stage 5, fully-adjustable tubular control arm & coilover suspension kit for 1963-1970 Chevy C10 and GMC C15 trucks. This all-new design converts your truck into a corner-carving monster with handling and performance that is far superior to the OEM design.

The Performance Online Stage 5 kit includes tubular upper control arms engineered with Heim joint adjustability which allows you to finally adjust your truck’s suspension geometry to those desirable, performance-enhancing settings. The upper control arms attach to the frame with POL’s exclusive frame plate, which incorporates two, upper shock mounting positions for increased adjustability. The lower control arms feature three, lower shock positions to further tailor your suspension for all driving styles.

The Stage 5 suspension kit features hefty tubular control arms fitted with Heim joints for ease of adjustability. There are also three lower shock mounting points on the lower control arm to adjust the suspension to your liking.

Between those upper and lower shock mounts reside a pair of Aldan American Phantom Series, single or double adjustable coilover shocks. These true coilovers utilize high tensile coil springs in either small-block (450 lbs.) or big-block (550 lbs.) rates. The coilovers are designed as a direct fit between the upper and lower mounting points supplied by the POL kit. These quality coilovers provide a much better ride than the C10 or C15’s factory suspension and allow for the ultimate in adjustability to easily tailor the ride to various driving situations.

POL's Stage 5 suspension kit for C10

The Stage 5 suspension kit comes with upper and lower control arms, single- or double-adjustable coilovers, POL’s own frame mounts, and all mounting hardware.

Installing the Performance Online Stage 5 control arm and coilover kit will allow you to drop your Chevy or GMC truck up to two inches from the factory ride height. The entire system is designed as a bolt-on kit, but you can also weld the frame plates onto the truck’s frame for ultimate rigidity. The kit does require some cutting of the front crossmember and is not compatible with the OEM steering box.

The upgrade to rack-and-pinion steering, which is also available from POL, will be a welcome upgrade, and will further the road-handling, and performance capabilities of your C10 or C15 truck. Check out all the great products available from POL on the company’s website and be sure to schedule some garage time so your Chevy or GMC truck can be even more than it was designed to be.

The Stage 5 Control Arm & Coilover Suspension Kit Includes:

Tubular Upper Control Arms

Tubular Lower Control Arms

Frame Plates

Gloss black Powder Coat

Ball Joints

Lower Cross Shafts

Aldan American Single or Double Adjustable Coilovers

Mounting Hardware

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