TANKS Inc Offers Fuel Supply Options For Modified Rides

One of the best ways to improve the performance of your hot rod, street rod, or muscle car is to widen the area where the rubber literally meets the road. But as they say, something has got to give, which means installing mini-tubs is a reality for many enthusiasts. Space limitations then get moved further down the road. Now, the fuel tank is in the way of those mini-tubs that are making way for those gloriously massive tires. Thankfully, TANKS Inc. has created fuel storage solutions designed specifically for performance upgrades such as mini-tubs and wider tires. The company’s fuel tanks also include many other features, including radiused edges, die-stamped openings, flush-mounted fittings, indented panels, and slotted mounting flanges, just like the factory originals.

1967 Camaro fuel tank

Our tank has many upgraded features from the factory unit and uses the same mounting hardware.

We’ll really enjoy having those extra-meaty tires on the back of our 1967 Camaro, but we needed to make room in the middle with an upgraded fuel tank. In actuality, only the corners interfered. Since TANKS Inc. has a complete fuel supply system engineered to include all of our intended upgrades, not just the mini-tubs, we contacted them for a new tank that addresses all our needs with one phone call.

A Perfect-Fitting Fuel Tank

The tank we ordered is an OE-fitment tank that uses all of the factory mounting hardware. The tanks are designed to fit into the factory space and use all the same mounting materials as the factory units. Our tank was a perfect fit into the required space and gave us plenty of clearance for those mini-tubs and wider tires.

The front of the tank is narrowed to 27 inches to clear up to a 345mm tire and three-inch exhausts. To help regain fuel capacity from the notched corners, this tank is one inch deeper than stock. It will also work on a stock car where you only need a little more clearance for a larger exhaust. Take note that this tank will not work with narrowed leaf spring kits.

Another major difference with this tank is that it comes designed with upgrades besides just the corners trimmed to fit. This is no hacksaw-certified fuel tank with areas cut out and plates welded to fill in the holes. Instead, the TANKS Inc. crew designed this tank to look very much like OEM. The tucked-in corners are already installed when the upper and lower tank panels are run through the dies to form the metal. A nice added touch is a completely welded seam around the perimeter. If you didn’t know what you were looking for, you could easily assume it was a factory-style tank reproduction.

A Fuel Tank For EFI Or Carb

Other upgrades aren’t quite as noticeable with the fuel tank installed, such as the floatless fuel level sending unit and the fuel supply system that easily allows for either carbureted or EFI applications. If you are replacing the tank but sticking with a factory-style fuel system, TANKS Inc. has a complete line of fuel-sending units for Chevy, Ford, Mopar, and even custom applications. The company even offers directions on how to supply fuel for carbureted engines using an in-tank-style pump system.

We measured the distance to the bottom of the tank and then trimmed both the supply and return lines to their proper lengths. Note the return (white) line is not cut as short as the supply line. The fuel pump was installed on the supply line and then zip-tied to the longer (return) line.

We were going with EFI, so we installed the internal fuel pump assembly by measuring and trimming the supply line and routing the wires for the pump. Having the pump in the tank allows the fuel to help cool the pump and keeps pump noise to a minimum. An added benefit during installation is that the fuel pump housing can be installed in any direction to best suit your application.

The unit can be installed in any direction for ease of access. If you do use a sealant on the gaskets, make sure it is fuel-compatible!

The fuel fittings on the fuel supply and return lines are 1/4-inch National Pipe Taper (NPT) threads, so finding the proper connections is easy. There is also a tank venting assembly and rollover protection valve so your tank won’t suffer from either positive or negative pressure issues, but will keep you safe should the unfortunate ever happen.

There is a vent supplied with the tank. Because our tank had a vent hose already built in as well as the vent barb on the fuel pump housing, we used this "Y" to bridge both vent tubes together. When mounting the rollover valve, make sure it is at least as high as the fuel inlet. This valve is designed to close off in the event should the vehicle ever rollover in an accident.

As mentioned, TANKS Inc. offers a floatless fuel level sending unit, which is useful for custom applications where limited space is available. There is no conventional swingarm to get tangled when removing the floatless sending unit, which provides a more accurate reading since the mechanism is encapsulated and is not subject to fuel sloshing around. This floatless fuel gauge sending unit is top-mounted and utilizes the aftermarket standard SAE five-hole mounting flange.

The kit comes complete with a neoprene gasket and all mounting hardware. This sender is available in five different ohm ranges to suit many OEM and aftermarket gauges, including 0-30, 0-90, 73-10, 240-33, and 10-180 ohms. The TANKS Inc. floatless fuel level sending unit is compatible with gasoline, diesel, oils, and many other fluids.

What Fuel Level Sender Do I Need For My Tank?

Simply put, the fuel level sending unit varies the resistance of the ground signal sent to the fuel gauge. That means a sender will work regardless of the voltage of your car, whether it is a 6-volt or 12-volt system. But there are a few things to consider.

floatless fuel level sending unit

We used a floatless fuel level sending unit from TANKS Inc., but they also offer many OEM styles of fuel level sending units for cars, trucks, and muscle cars.

Know Your Ohms

For the gauge to read accurately, the resistance levels of your fuel sender must match that of your gauge. The following list shows the resistance for many stock gauges, as well as some popular aftermarket brands. The first number represents the resistance reading at “Empty” and the second number is the “Full” reading.

  •     Ford up to 1986 – 73-10 ohms
  •     Ford 1987 & up – 16-158 ohms
  •     GM up to 1964 – 0-30 ohms
  •     GM 1965-1997 – 0-90 ohms
  •     GM 1998 & up – 40-250 ohms
  •     Mopar up to 1986 – 73-10 ohms
  •     AMC 1950-1977 – 73-10 ohms
  •     Autometer -240-33 ohms (most common, however, other ohm ranges are made)
  •     Classic Instruments – 240-33 ohms (excluding vehicle-specific gauge kits which use a factory ohm range)
  •     Dolphin – 0-90 ohms
  •     Dakota Digital – Programmable to work with most ohm range senders
  •     VDO – 10-180 ohms

With the fuel level sender and the fuel pump installed, we trimmed the wires and crimped all the terminals in place. We ran all the wires through one connector for easy connect/disconnect should we ever need to remove the tank again. We also installed this handy access door TANKS Inc. offers so we can get to those hoses without any hassles while trying to maneuver the tank during removal or re-installation.

Fuel Tank Parts List:

  • GPA-6 Fuel Pump Module
  • T-GML-7 GM Floatless Fuel Sender 0-90 Ohms
  • CA67-68 1967 Camaro Filler Neck
  • AD-85 43/4-Inch x 81/8-Inch Floor Access Door
  • TM32AN-T 1967-68 Camaro EFI Tank With Narrowed Corners

When talking about gallons of gasoline, we can’t stress enough how important it is to have a proper, safe reservoir in which to carry them. Our TANKS Inc. fuel tank does that beautifully without worrying about leaks, fuel supply issues, or interference with other under-car assemblies. Because we could order our tank with the exact components to suit our build, it’ll supply all the fuel our EFI-equipped engine will need. And, because it adheres to Tanks Inc.’s exacting quality standards, we can be sure it will do so for many miles. Check out TANKS Inc.’s website and see everything they offer for your vehicle. You’ll quickly see why TANKS Inc. is a leader in automotive fuel storage solutions.

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