OE Spotlight: The S10 Returns With A Diesel

It’s no secret that truck enthusiasts in America like diesel-powered rigs. Apparently, the OEs are noticing this, as they keep adding the compression-ignition engine to even the light-duty trucks they build. Unfortunately, the latest small hauler to get a diesel engine will not be available in the states. GM is now dipping into the diesel-powered small truck market by reviving a model we’ve all heard of before, the S10.

The next generation of S10 is the farthest thing from an early-model S10, but nonetheless, the name is returning. The S10 made its second big debut on the international market in February 2012 with a completely new look. Now, years later, the next generation is being prepared to be released with some exciting news about powertrain and transmission options. Unfortunately, this good news could be lost on many, depending on where you live.

Chevrolet caught the attention of everyone in 2022 when the company announced the return of the 2023 Chevy S10 Max 10 as their newest midsize pickup. While the Max 10 will be available in the states. there is a cousin that, unfortunately, will not be on dealer lots in the US. We’re talking about the Chevy S10 made and sold in Brazil, which was a close cousin to the widely popular Chevy Colorado.


Although this doesn’t look like the traditional S10 we all remember, as it more closely resembles the late-model Ford Ranger, it will be available soon. Unfortunately, not in the US.

According to Autos Segredos, this late-model Chevrolet S10 will have the benefit of the 2.8-liter inline-four XLD28 Duramax engine. However, the 2.8-liter engine has updates forthcoming which will result in higher power and torque values. Currently, this stout little four-cylinder cranks out 200 horsepower and 369 lb-ft of torque. The inclusion of the diesel is bolstered by the announcement of a serious drivetrain upgrade. Like its older brothers, Colorado and Canyon, the S10 will now be backed by the same eight-speed automatic transmission.

This is the same transmission that can be found in the 2023 Colorado and Canyon. That might raise some concern for those of you who realize the previous generation’s eight-speed automatic transmission (RPO code M5T), used prior to the recent third-gen overhaul has been plagued with multiple lawsuits over the years.

Like years ago, the purpose of the ’23 Chevrolet S10 is pretty straightforward. These are designed to be low-cost pickups with a lot of value and power. A daily commuter in a small package with broad drivetrain availability, and a torquey little diesel engine sounds perfect to us. The only downside is, how do we get it here in the US? This question ranks up there with UFOs and Big Foot. Maybe one day we’ll see it.

Until then, we all need to write GM and tell them to give us the diesel S10 in the states.

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