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When it comes to building a project car, there are shops that specialize in suspensions. There are shops that specialize in engines. There are even shops that specialize in bodywork. But if you’re looking for a shop that can do it all — and do it at an unsurpassed level of quality — then you need to join us as we take a tour of the facilities at Prestige Motorsports in Concord, North Carolina.

Nestled in that small, North Carolina town, this highly capable shop delivers big on customer dreams while having a small-town atmosphere.  It’s North Carolina, and everyone is friendly and accommodating. But you are not visiting Prestige for the friendliness. You are there to get what you need for your project.

Prestige Motorsports

Whether you are looking for a mild street engine or a tire-shredding monster, the engine shop at Prestige can build the engine of your dreams.

To quote the Prestige website, “Prestige Motorsports thrives on passion, personalization, and power. Our services include custom-built stroker enginesperformance upgrades for all types of vehicles, and car building and restoration services. We understand every product, and we know exactly what makes it work. Our turn-key packages are built from years of testing and installation, and they’re designed as building blocks for our services. But no matter your needs, we’re ready to turn your dreams into reality.

While it is true that Prestige Motorsports is highly regarded as a top-notch custom engine-building facility, a casual walk around the shop reveals much more. Readily apparent is how much has been invested to create an operation that is second to none. In fact, the mantra at Prestige is, when perfection counts, we’re your one-stop shop.

When Your Mill Matters

While it’s true Prestige is best known for custom engine building, they also have a “crate engine” program. Every crate engine is hand assembled to order by experienced professionals. In fact, Prestige can even convert old-style blocks to accept new components and integrate the best products for the perfect combination. In-house machining is just one of the ways Prestige Motorsports goes above and beyond to deliver the best possible product for the ultimate performance. Finally, Prestige Motorsports offers a limited warranty on engines for a period of one or three years with unlimited mileage. If you’re looking for the perfect big-block, small-block, LS, or LT engine, it’s only a click away.

Prestige motorsports

If you want the complete package to power your ride, all you need to do is call.

If your project needs more than just an engine, check out what they call the Ultimate Turn-Key Package. This all-inclusive “crate” delivers everything you need to bring the vehicle of your dreams to life. It combines all their most popular turn-key performance packages – engine upgrade, fuel supply, cooling system, and transmission – into a single crate. Every Ultimate Turn-Key Package is a soup-to-nuts array of hand-picked components, all dyno tested and combined in the pursuit of the goals you set for your car.

“We have two sides to our business, the engine shop, and the performance shop,” says Eric LaBore of Prestige. “On one side, we offer crate engines that are personalized to you and tailored to your vehicle. On the other side, we offer performance shop services including engine installations, restomod upgrades, tuning, and even whole vehicle builds. We have everything you need to build your dream under one roof.”

“The Ultimate Turn-Key Package is comprised of four packages: a customized engine, transmission package, fuel supply package, and cooling system package,” Eric affirms. “All these packages are designed to work together and are tailored to your vehicle. They are all packed together and shipped anywhere in the world.”

“The engine package starts with one of our proven long blocks. Then we add fuel delivery (carb or EFI) and ignition system, pulley kit and accessories, and any additional options like headers, starter, etc. Next, we add the transmission package. This can be manual or automatic and includes all the components to install in your vehicle including mounts, crossmember, etc. The fuel supply package is tailored to the vehicle and designed to work with the engine package. It can include a fuel tank, pump, lines, fittings, and filters. And last is the cooling system which includes a radiator, fans, overflow tank, and installation items.”

The Full Monte… Or Chevelle, Or Camaro…

One thing we need to make clear is Prestige is about more than just engines and drivetrain packages. An engine is only as good as the ride you put it in. For that reason, the team at Prestige can even build you an entire vehicle from scratch.

Building a custom hot rod is not as straightforward as it sounds. Simply saying, “I want a ’69 Camaro” seems like a solid directive, however, there are a lot of things to consider. For instance, do you want a traditional small-block or an LS engine? How radical do you want that engine? what about a suspension? do you want to keep it OE or add an aftermarket chassis? Prestige has a unique ordering process that makes sure they know exactly what you want and is able to help you set realistic goals for the end product.

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“Our mission at Prestige Motorsports is to make sure you are getting the best product at a reasonable price,” says Eric. “Everything we offer has real testing data behind it. Our engine combinations are designed to accomplish the specific goals you have set for your vehicle. Cooling systems, transmission packages, and fuel systems are installed by our technicians, at our facility. We understand the product and what is involved in making it work. Hands-on experience has taught us what kind of time and skill is required to get it right the first time. That also means we have the wisdom to guide you in spending your time and resources efficiently. Our motto is, “Engineered. Tested. Proven.”

So, whether you’re looking for a new engine, help with any part of your build, or a shop to build you the car of your dreams, hopefully, this short tour of Prestige Motorsports will give you some insight into how they can help you get exactly what you want and need.

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