RoadActive Suspension Is The Perfect Upgrade For Your Truck

If you’re looking for a great way to improve how your leaf-spring-equipped truck hauls, then you need to check out RoadActive Suspension. While at the SEMA Show, we spoke to Nolan Mast with RoadActive Suspension and in the RoadActive booth was Nick Scovel’s 2022 Duramax. Scovel uses his Duramax as a work truck and also tows a fifth-wheel camper on weekends. His truck sees a lot of real-world use. The Duramax has a 4-inch Cognito lift and is sitting on 37-inch tires. One of Nick’s favorite things about the RAS system is its compatibility with different lifts. All while improving the all-around handling of the truck.

Nick’s Duramax fit perfectly in the booth, with both back wheels off to display the RAS suspension

We asked Mast what makes the RoadActive Suspension so popular. He answered by saying, “there are a few reasons people love the product. First, the installation is simple, and installment times only take about 45 minutes to an hour. With the RAS system, you will notice a significant difference in stability with or without a big load hooked to the back of your rig. Also, you will notice a considerable improvement in damping of excessive bounce and rebound with the RAS system equipped”.

roadactive suspension

Set up is super easy with the RAS system, just set the tension once, and you won’t have to adjust it again. Even unloaded ride quality will significantly improve compared to an unloaded stock ride.

If you’re ready to give your truck the stability you know it needs all while keeping a smooth ride, or if you are simply looking for more information on RoadActive Suspension, please visit

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