Keeping Time With Melling’s New MELL-GEAR Timing Kits For LS Engines

Melling Engine Parts has long been a name and company synonymous with high performance. Its parts can be found in everything from work trucks to dedicated race cars. Melling just wrapped up a very successful NHRA Pro Stock campaign with the 2022 class champion Erica Enders. For street car customers, Melling has released its new MELL-GEAR timing kits for LS engines.

Melling has parts for everything from NHRA Pro Stock engines to OEM daily-driven engines. Melling-sponsored driver Erica Enders captured a fifth NHRA Pro Stock Championship this season. Photos courtesy of Andrew Wolf.

These new MELL-GEAR timing kits feature a replacement timing chain, new crankshaft and camshaft sprockets, and a chain tensioner. The kit includes either an OEM replacement oil pump or can be ordered with Melling’s high-volume oil pump. The Melling HV unit features an 18-percent increase in volume over the standard oil pump.

The MELL-GEAR timing kits are available for a wide variety of LS engines, and individual components can be ordered separately if needed. Check the Melling GM LS Parts Guide for your correct part numbers.

The MELL-GEAR timing kits are available for 4.8L, 5.3L, 6.0L, and 6.2L LS engines. In addition to its new timing kits, Melling has also released its complete 2023 GM LS Parts Guide. This downloadable catalog makes it easy to find the full line of GM LS parts that Melling offers, including its new high-performance valve spring kits.  From street rods to circle track and drag racing, Melling has LS components that will exceed your requirements.

The valve spring kits include retainers, locks, valve seals, and dual or beehive valve springs. If you only need individual components instead of the complete kit, Melling has you covered with detailed listings in their LS catalog. Also listed in the catalog are tie-bar and drop-in lifters in hydraulic and mechanical designs.

In fact, besides the valves themselves, you can order everything needed to put together a complete valvetrain from the Melling LS catalog. You can even order a camshaft that is made in the USA. With the Melling LS GM Parts Guide at your fingertips, you can quickly have high-quality parts in your hands backed by 75 years of doing business in the performance aftermarket industry.

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