Stangkilr Did It! Sets LT-Powered 6th Gen Camaro World Record

In the world of social media among automotive enthusiasts, nothing gets followers pumped like setting and breaking records. To do so takes vehicles that are typically highly modified and expertly tuned. Here at LSX Magazine, we love seeing records shattered and following the stories behind the guys and girls chasing those records. Justin Keith and his 2019 ZL1 Camaro have been stalking the sixth-gen 1/4-mile record for quite some time now, while simultaneously eyeing the 7-second barrier. Well, Justin has finally done it, laying down the quickest and fastest pass ever in an LT-powered sixth-gen Camaro! 

So close to a 7-second pass! Justin plans on getting his seven at the upcoming FL2K event in Florida, as long as hurricane Ian doesn't cause the event to have to cancel.

This Isn’t His First Rodeo

Justin, probably better known as Stangkiler, is no stranger to fast street cars. He’s had what some would say is a fleet of very fast, high horsepower street cars spanning the past decade. If you’ve ever heard of or follow TX2k or Street Car Takeover, then you most likely have at least heard of him. Justin has had multiple Camaros and Corvettes over the years, most of which have been boosted and make 1,000-plus horsepower. 

His current Camaro, nicknamed Neemo, is a twin-turbo terror on the dragstrip. The ZL1 also happens to be a full interior heavyweight; the car retains the factory seats, dash, and the rest of the interior it rolled off the assembly line with. The factory gauge cluster is a bit difficult to see, though, as a Holley EFI dash is blocking it. The combination tips the scales at 3,885 pounds with Justin in the driver’s seat.

Kick The Tires And Light The Fires

Getting a modern, full-weight street car knocking on the door of the 7-second zone in a 1/4-mile is no easy feat. Not only does it take ludicrous amounts of power, but the vehicle has to be able to get all that power to the ground. To accomplish such a task, Justin relies on his Camaro’s stock block that has been resleeved by Late Model Engines. The 390 cubic-inch LT4 was assembled with CID cylinder heads that received the LME treatment and a Frankenstein LowPro billet intake. A custom-grind camshaft from Futral Motorsports helps make the most of the incoming boost provided by twin Garrett 76 mm turbochargers. Justin figures the combo is making approximately 1,600 horsepower.  

For reliability when handling four-digit horsepower, Justin ditched the factory 10-speed automatic in favor of a stout TH400 from RPM Transmission. The rearend is a GForce Engineering 9-inch filled with 3.55 gears. To fit the desired 275/60/15 Mickey Thompson drag radial tire in the rear, Justin uses a 15-inch wheel conversion kit from Carlisle Racing (now BMR). 

Setting the record for the quickest and fastest LT-powered sixth-gen Camaro is something to be ecstatic about, no doubt. The 8.01-second elapsed time, at 173 mph, is so close to sevens that we’re sure Justin is chomping at the bit to make more passes. We’re optimistic he will get a 7-second time slip and be the first LT-powered sixth-gen to do so. Follow his YouTube channel Stangkilr Productions, to find out!  

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