Reader’s Rig: Dan Shingara’s Cummins-Swapped 1953 Chevy Rollback

While attending the 2022 Bloomsburg, PA 4-wheel Jamboree we were instantly drawn to Dan Shingara’s unbelievably cool Cummins-swapped hot rod, a 1953 Chevy rollback truck. You surely understand, as it’s not often you see a truck of this vintage with a rollback hauling a Model A hot rod. It is definitely one of those trucks that catches the eye. The distinct blue paint sets the tone, and the quality of the build really sets it apart from the other cars at the show.

At first glance you notice the classic lines of the 1953 Chevy and the tall chrome pipes towering overhead. However, looking closer, you realize this classic sits on a modern suspension. Obviously, it is more than just a showpiece. Dan has taken the time to fully design and build the truck into a more than capable hot rod hauler.

Dan’s rig started much like many projects, as he found the old truck rotting in a field. Consequently, he decided to rescue and use a chassis for his project not typically considered by many. Normally, Dan spends his winters building tri-axle trailers for tractor trailers. However, he took some time away from work to complete this 8-month project. We’d say it was time well spent!

A very humble beginning.

Looking under the hood is a treat! The Cummins-swapped engine is a 12-valve version pushing 545-horsepower and is connected to a Cobra Transmissions-built Turbo 400. The combination assures this truck has no issues putting that power to the ground. The green-hued engine contrasts the rest of the truck.

cummins swapped

The suspension is also a custom assembly by Dan. When assembling the undercarriage, he decided to borrow parts from a Freightliner FL60. Adapting the chassis and suspension in this project took a special set of skills. Fortunately, Dan has a great deal of experience building trailers for his excavation company. He started with the front axle and hubs then continued to the rear. The finished product looks cool with the combination of old and new.

Another interesting feature of the truck is the custom sun visor. Dan took the visor off a 1985 Peterbilt 359 Classic and had to separate the visor, cut it down and add a crease so it would fit. It rounds out the collection of chrome parts that decorate the truck. The grill, hooded headlights, pipes, and visor are all polished to a mirror finish. They really make the truck stand out.

The interior is just as custom as the exterior. The metal dash looks amazing. The old gauge cluster and the speedometer is a stark contrast to the modern tach and additional gauges Dan added. The gauges are set in the dash under a new stereo that somehow looks like it belongs in the old truck.

The beautiful wood steering wheel accented by the chrome center really rounds out the look. Additionally, the floor shifter, classic bench seat, and even the wing windows are just plain cool. If you like a build that marries the old and new, you’ll love this truck.

To showcase the truck as being a functional rollback, Dan often sets up at shows with a car on the bed. How cool is it when the show truck is towing a hot rod? This is especially true since he stages it with the bed raised and the car still on it. All in all, this setup certainly helps catch your eye.

cummins swap

To say Dan and his Cummins-swapped 1953 Chevy rollback truck are very popular at local shows is a huge understatement. He has earned the nickname “Dapper Dan” and has adopted this into the theme of the truck. Dan’s nickname certainly works for the truck as it is very dapper indeed.

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