Square Body Rust Repair: AMD Introduces Cowl And Windshield Surround

As of late, it seems as if nothing has been hotter in the classic truck world than square body Chevrolet pickups. This is a point not lost on the sheetmetal mavericks at Auto Metal Direct (AMD). Headquartered in Gainesville, Georgia, AMD has become a key player in the production of replacement automotive body panels and OE-grade accessories for cars and trucks.

While already an established source of aftermarket replacement parts for ’73 through ’87 Chevrolet/GMC trucks, AMD has recently upped the ante, unveiling replacement windshield frames and hood cowl panels for trucks of the same vintage. This comes as a noteworthy development, considering the frequency with which patch panels have been utilized in the past when restoring these trucks.

You guys with '81 through '91 square bodies can easily repair the rusted cowl and windshield areas of your haulers.

These newly released panels are constructed to stock GM specifications, thereby proving superior to the use of patch panels in almost every perceivable manner. Each panel is complete in nature, including the windshield frame, upper cowl, and outer A-pillars. This ensures that AMD’s aftermarket panels blend seamlessly with all stock equipment.

Even more impressive, is the fact that each of AMD’s body panels is produced to meet OE standards. When manufacturing these replacement panels, AMD uses only premium automotive steel of identical thickness to that used in the original production. This proves ideal when attempting to achieve the best possible fit and finish.

square body rust repair

If your windshield and/or cowl area of your ’73 through ’80 square body needs some help, here’s your next purchase.

AMD also states that each of their window frames and hood/cowl panels is designed with ease of installation in mind. All panels are direct-fit replacements, requiring no additional modification prior to use. Additionally, each panel is shipped directly from AMD, fully coated in EDP, to protect against rust and other forms of corrosion.

By all accounts, this is just the beginning of AMD’s foray into the production of OE-grade cab panels for square body Chevrolet and GMC trucks. The manufacturer has recently developed all-new tooling, allowing them to spearhead the design and reproduction of such components. In fact, it appears as if AMD is prepared to introduce an entire line of difficult-to-source cab components for square body Chevy/GMC trucks in the near future. Stay tuned.

These continued efforts on AMD’s behalf should allow consumers to forge ahead in their square body restoration projects, in the most authentic manner possible. Perhaps even more importantly, those utilizing such products for their rebuild will be able to achieve a more refined degree of fit and finish than would have otherwise been possible through conventional means.

To learn more about AMD’s current inventory, be sure to check out the company’s website, autometaldirect.com, or contact AMD directly at (877) 575-3586.

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