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It’s become common to see hot rods and classics that feature a weathered exterior that conveys the car’s history. Layers of paint can typically be found, and a certain amount of rust is also usually present. However, when it comes to interiors, the weathered look is not cool. Thanks to TMI Products, custom truck and muscle car modifiers don’t have to settle.

TMI has been offering bolt-in, high-end interiors to enthusiasts for years, and is not a company to settle for “just okay”, they are constantly expanding the line-up of products. The latest offerings start with the 55-inch Deluxe bench seat. According to TMI, the 55-inch version will make its Deluxe Bench an option for a greater range of applications, specifically in the world of ’50s hot rods and street trucks.

The new bench seat also offers a fold-up armrest with two cup holders and there is also integrated storage in the base.

According to the press release, this seat was created as a direct response to customer requests, combining the nostalgia associated with bench seats of days past with all of the modern amenities and comfort we crave. A styling facelift, endless customization, and the inclusion of a center console and storage area make for the ultimate bench seat.

A plethora of upholstery options are available with all TMI products.

The Deluxe Bench Seat also offers an armrest with two cup holders which can be flipped up to allow for a third seating position, and the base has integrated storage.

At the heart of the 55-inch seat is a strong1-inch tubular frame with slider tracks and reclining seatbacks. The in-house-constructed frames are topped with high-density molded foam for the seat bottom and backs which are wrapped in hand-sewn covers. The frame has a height of 26.5 inches (with two additional inches added to the height with the mounting tracks), is 55 inches wide (measured from bolster to bolster), and the base is 22 inches long from the back of the seat to the front.

This seat arrives fully assembled, upholstered, and ready for bolt-in installation. Mounting brackets are sold separately and are available to mount the seat in many popular vehicles. The seat is available with a choice of upholstery in various color options.

Next up is the Chicane II race-style seat which is a complete replacement bucket seat with slider tracks and double adjusters. We’re told the new design features a single horizontal harness well, replacing the pair of harness wells found on the top of the previous Chicane seat. The seats are purpose-built for left and right sides, with a reclining side lever on the door-facing side. This lever replaces the circular dials on the previous model. The Chicane II seats are sold as a pair.

The Chicane II is equipped with a strong1-inch tubular tilting back for the ability to tilt or slide. This means that the Chicane seats can be completely reclined and adjusted for comfort — a luxury not typically afforded by classic cars.

TMI Products

Looking for the ultimate in a high-end racing bucket seat? Here it is.

The frame has a height of 35.75 inches (with two additional inches added to the height with the mounting tracks), is 21.5 inches wide with new wide bolsters that comfortably fit a 38-inch-wide waist comfortably, and the base is 24 inches long. This seat arrives fully assembled and ready for bolt-in installation. Mounting brackets are sold separately and are available to mount the new Chicane II seats in many popular vehicles. Like all TMI products, the Chicane II is available in many upholstery options/patterns/colors, and the sky is the limit.

If you’re ready to remove the seasoned appearance from the interior of your classic — be it a Chevy, Ford, or Mopar, isn’t it time you check out these or any of the other interior options from TMI Products? We think it is.

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