Randy Bolig – The Media Mover And Shaker Behind Chevy Hardcore

As the Managing Editor of Power Automedia’s collection of magazine titles, and amidst celebrating our 15 year anniversary, I wanted to share some Q&A I had with the editors for each of our magazines so that you, our readers, could better understand who’s behind the wheel driving your favorite automotive content forward. The team at Chevy Hardcore encompasses a group of talented freelance writers and photographers with years of experience in their respective fields, all led by the Chevy Hardcore Editor, Randy Bolig. They are passionate about all things Chevy and want to share that excitement with you — so come find out what they think is cool about the industry! I sat down with Randy to break down the personality behind the leading digital magazine to find out what being a “Media Mover, Shaker, and Story Breaker” means to him.

Q: How do you hope to make an impact in the digital automotive space?

A: Chevy Hardcore is a website for enthusiasts with an enthusiast at the helm. I am not a “content producer” that has no focus. Those other sites have multiple people that are probably not enthusiasts, and they are delivering short, “click-bait-type” material with no real substance. I am determined to create a digital presence that doesn’t suggest enthusiasts visit, they feel compelled.

Q: What’s your mission for your magazine?

A: My mission for Chevy Hardcore is to create a website that enthusiasts feel is their go-to source for all things Chevrolet. I want them to feel comfortable knowing that the information we publish is right — they can trust it. 

Q: Why is automotive more than just a piece of transportation to you?

A: It might sound cheesy, but I believe every car has a soul. That being said, every car has a soul mate. If you think that’s crazy, just walk around a car show or cruise night and try to spot two vehicles that are identical. You won’t. Each owner puts their soul into their cars and that individuality is present. It’s to these various souls that I connect. 

Q: Biggest moment for you in your career thus far?

A: Other than getting the phone call that actually started my career in the year 2000. I would have to say my wedding. I know that doesn’t sound car related, but hear me out. My friends and family mean everything to me. I knew that getting everyone together at a single point in time would be a challenge. I also knew that all my friends and family attend many of the Carlisle events. My wife and I decided to get married at one of these events, and the grandstands were filled. To know that several hundred friends, family, and readers thought enough of who I am to take the time to attend was overwhelming.

Q: What’s the most important aspect of what we do, to you?

A: Connect with readers. If there is no connection and nobody cares, we cease to be relevant.

Q: What’s does being a media mover and shaker mean to you?

A: At 53 years old, I’m not sure how much moving I can do. However, the shaking part comes naturally!

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