Burnout Rivals: You Decide The Winner!

In a bout of fun insanity, Cleetus McFarland has partnered with Summit Racing to host one of the baddest events we’ve seen – the Summit Racing Burnout Rivals, which will be taking place at Cleetus’ very own Freedom Factory on Saturday, June 20 at 6:00 p.m. EST/3:00 p.m. PST.

This freestyle drifting and burnout competition will feature four categories. In the burnout battle, 12 cars will layout as much rubber as possible in addition to a 1v1 burnout featuring Cleetus versus his “rival” James. The drift battles include a competition between Formula D teammates Vaugh Gittin Jr. and Chelsea Denofa as well as a freestyle battle between Cleetus, Vaughn Gittin Jr., Adam LZ, Taylor Ray, and Chelsea Denofa where each driver gets 2 minutes and the entire Freedom Factory at their disposal – the hardest line wins. Can Cleetus win his own event? Well, that will be up to you! Online voting will be available and viewers watching live from home will be encouraged to participate by voting for their favorite drivers after each competition.

All voting will take place here, regardless of whether you are watching on your phone, laptop – or for the first time ever – Roku! Keep in mind that if you are behind the live feed, you will not be able to vote live.

  • Mobile – All you have to do is exit the full screen and scroll down. You’ll be able to quickly vote and pop back into the feed.
  • Laptop – They recommend voting from your mobile device as you won’t have to disrupt your live feed. If you do want to vote from your laptop, just exit the full screen and the voting section is directly below the video window.
  • Roku – You can vote from your laptop or your mobile device while watching on Roku.

Not only did Cleetus and Summit Racing put on this event, they also teamed up to build a Summit Delivery Burnout Van that has been completed with fresh Summit livery and it’s been rumored to be stocked with Summit Racing boxes. We know the van is going to appear at the Freedom Factory but exactly where is anyone’s guess.

Burnout Rivals will not be open to the public, but instead will be available to live stream in high definition through pay per view. Currently, this purchase can be made for $9.95 by clicking here. Don’t wait because the price will go up to $14.95 on the day of the event.

Are you looking forward to this event? Who do you think will win? Let us know in the comments below!

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