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SEMA 2013: Disc Brakes Australia, Performance Level Stopping Power

IMG_1715 [1]For those who have dreams of building a car that can withstand the rigors of pro-touring, autocross, or just downright abuse on the street DBA [2] showcased just the thing – their newest line of disc brake rotors featuring their patented T3 slot design.

IMG_1710 [3]Through extensive on-road, race track, and computer aided engineering software the folks at Disc Brakes Australia have come up with what they say is a state-of-the-art brake slot layout featuring a visually simple design that offers some very real upgrades to longevity and performance.

The T3’s design consists of a precise array of slots that result in an overall quieter, responsive, and smoother brake pedal feel. The tri-symmetrical “curved” slots drastically dampen the vibration harmonics and noise typically associated with traditional straight slot, or groove, rotor designs.

The slot design also allows for more efficient out-gassing exit points that are the byproduct of brake pad friction. This is just one way that DBA’s design works to ensure longer disc lifespan, there’s more.

IMG_1717 [4]One other cool feature on DBA’s rotors is their Thermo-graphic Temperature Monitoring markings. These heat paint markings change color when specific temperature thresholds are achieved:

By allowing drivers to visually monitor the markings DBA has made it easier for owners to quickly and easily check the state of their brakes whenever and wherever. Whether its on the street or on that long road tour you can rest assured that you can diagnose your rotor’s performance and get a general idea of its state by just taking a quick look.

For more information on DBA’s line of breakthrough products check out their website’s product line here [5].IMG_1714 [6]