Requiem For The SS: Chevrolet SS Officially Canceled After 2017


It is a day we had long feared but knew was, more than likely, inevitable. We now have confirmation that the Chevrolet SS, and its Australian counterparts built on the same Zeta chassis, will be dropped at the end of 2017. While this news may come as no surprise, we are saddened to hear that one of the most capable four-door muscle sedans around will be going the way of the dinosaur with no replacement in sight.

Wards Auto announce on Twitter that they have received confirmation that the SS would be dropped from the General’s lineup in 2017. While we knew that the Elizabeth, Australia assembly line that produces the SS—and the Holden Commodore—would be shuttered at the end of 2017, bringing the line’s viability into question, we had hoped that GM would see fit to move manufacturing to the U.S. and continue production of a rear wheel drive, V8-powered sedan. Alas, these hopes turned out to be little more than hopes and dreams as we will see the SS ride off into the sunset, possibly forever.


However, it’s no secret that the SS has been underperforming for sometime here in the U.S. Sales of the car were borderline dismal and dealerships had been aggressively slashing prices to move them off the lot. We think this is one of the biggest shames in recent GM history. The SS is a capable sedan that coaxes 415 horsepower out of an LS3 which is then routed through an optional six-speed manual transmission—making it one of the last hold outs in a world that seems enamored by automatics these days.

Recently, we’ve seen a lot of articles bagging on the SS as an eye sore or an underperformer from the likes of Jalopnik and The Drive (who reads those guys articles anyways?); but make no mistake, the SS has everything—and then some—necessary to run toe-to-toe with some of the best Bavaria had to offer, and for substantially less coin.

Starting at just $46,625, the SS comes with class-leading power, Magnetic Ride Control suspension, and dinner-plate sized Brembo binders—making for a capable package the truly can’t be matched for the money. And while, we are sad to see the line come to a close, we are positive about one thing. The SS will become one of the best bang-for-the-buck deals out there in the coming years. Well, at least until people realize how awesome they truly are and they become collectors items.


With the SS disappearing from the U.S. lineup, we were curious what that meant for the Holden Commodore (the car the SS is originally based on). We’re sad to report that the next generation of Commodore will most likely be switching to front wheel drive and ditch any possible V8 option. Rumor has it that the new Commodore will be built on the same platform as the third generation Buick LaCrosse, which recently debuted at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

But no matter whether the Commodore lives on or not, we are likely seeing the decline of the rear wheel drive, affordable, luxury muscle sedan. Our last hold out is the CTS-V—which to be honest isn’t exactly affordable. To celebrate the life of yet another fallen comrade, we hope you’ll join us in a moment of silence and a 21 air gun salute. Godspeed Chevrolet SS.

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