eBay Find of the Day: ’93 Camaro Z28 Pace Car

Wanna hear something crazy? The first fourth generation (4G) Camaros are going to turn 20 years old in less than two years. Your author vividly remembers how futuristic and aerodynamic the new F-bodies looked in 1993, and their styling was so controversial for the time, that a lot of people were initially put off by the looks of the car.

Thankfully, consumers were soon able to look beneath the skin and saw the beauty within, which revealed a Corvette-sourced 275HP 5.7L LT1 that would rocket the refreshed Camaro to potential 13-second ¼-mile times right off the showroom floor; very respectable for the day.

At the time it was arguably the best all-round Camaro ever, and what it might have lacked in style, it made up for in the turns, reliability, and creature comforts.

Besides, after the 11 model-year stint of the 3G cars, the buying public was ready for something new, and The General delivered by not giving the consumer a completely new car, but by revolutionizing the current platform and improving it in every way.

This is the most obvious reason why many of the chassis and suspension components are carryover from the 1982 through the 2002 model year.

But apparently, the Indianapolis 500 Commission felt that was more than up to the task as it had elected the then new Camaro to pace the 77th annual Indy 500 race, which according to the applied door decals of this Pace Car Replica edition was on May 30, 1993. This marked 1993 as the fourth time a Camaro was called upon to handle pace duties for the coveted race just as it had in ’67, ’69, and ’82, respectively.

A total of only 633 pace car replicas were made for 1993 –all of them T-top coupe (convertibles weren’t available until 1994) and all of them sprayed in a two-tone Black over Arctic White arrangement, and then covered in bright multicolored graphics all over the outside of the body, and the theme continued in the interior as well.

The first year of the 4G Camaro Z28 would not be without its one-year qualities. Such as the speed-density intake arrangement, the OBD-1 ECU, the yellow gauge displays that carried over from the ’92 model year, and this was also the only year that a 6-speed manual 4G would come with 3.23 gears.

We found this particular example on eBay and we have got to say that this is definitely a car worth looking into for all of you collectors out there. It appears to be an all stock, and original example of the breed; with a reported 49,500 miles on the ticker, it’s also a low-mileage example.

It isn’t perfect, as it’s quite clear that it was somebody’s daily driver at one time; with a few dings, and some caked on road grime, but with a little elbow grease and body work someone will have a nice car with a supposed clean title on their hands!

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