Covercraft Gives Quality Protection at “Outlet” Prices

There isn't a car guy alive that doesn't like a good bargain. We need to find them so we can save money to buy more stuff for our cars. We've found some that will help protect your car - both inside and out. Read More


Three Things You Need To Know About The Split-Window Corvette

While most know some and some know all, we compiled this quick-hitting glimpse into the history of one of our favorite classic-'Vettes. Enjoy this picture-laden throwback to the original Stingray. Read More


Goodguys Heads To Des Moines For The 25th Heartland Nationals

The Goodguys' road warriors head toward Des Moines after a very successful "Day in the Hay" at Lincoln Nebraska. Check out the itinerary for the event here. Read More


What Are You Working On: Aaron Sutherland’s 1967 Chevy Chevelle

This car was already fast when Aaron Sutherland got his hands on it, but it couldn't run on pump gas. Now with a new block and a ProCharger, once it's done it'll make 800-900 horsepower on pump gas Read More


Hauling More Than Just Parts with A Twin-Turbo’d Shop Truck

This is one seriously-cool parts-hauling 1954 Chevrolet pickup. It might not look like much on the outside, but wait until you see what's under the hood! Let's just say that trips to the parts store are quick. Read More


If Mad Max Had A GMC Truck, This Would Be It

Check out this insane 1953 GMC truck based out of Murrieta, California that haunts the mean streets of the Inland Empire. This truck was built with boneyard parts in the middle of the night. Read More


Two Beautiful Women, Two Beautiful Camaros

These ladies both had different ideas for their Camaros when they bought them. Both have created stunningly beautiful cars. Step inside and check out Kristin's SurvivorCamaro and Linda's The Gray Ghost. Read More

Adam Hodson 1973 Camaro

19 Amazing Rides From The Chevrolet Performance LSX Shootout

The Chevrolet Performance LSX Shootout at Lucas Oil Raceway Park always brings out the best LSX powered vehicles around. We have picked 19 different cars and trucks from the event that really caught our eye. Read More

2015-06-05 12.14.26

Home-Built Hero: Kenny Kee’s 1973 Chevelle Malibu

Although many people feel that 1972 was the last year for a true musclecar, Kenny Kee is one person that disagrees with that philosophy. He considers his '73 Chevelle to be the perfect musclecar. Read More


Mighty Relay: Wiring Easier With The Relay 4 From Davis Technologies

The complex task of wiring your race car can be made easier with the Relay 4 from Davis Technologies, this device is more than just a relay block, it cuts out tons of unnecessary wiring and all in one neat package. Read More


The Greats of Chevrolet Before They Were Famous: Don Swiatek

No discussion about Chevrolet performance and the history of the company would be complete without mention of Nickey Chevrolet's Hi-Performance Department Manager Don Swiatek. Find out more right here. Read More


Stateside Shop Tour: The Hot Rod Shop of Fargo, In Fargo, ND

Trucks are very popular right now. Not only are they great utility vehicles, but they can be built into really cool hot rods. Exhibit A is this cool 1954 Chevy truck built at The Hot Rod Shop of Fargo. Read More

Pace - Trunions-26

Pace Performance Releases Heavy-Duty Trunnion Sets For LS Rockers

New from Pace Performance – heavy-duty trunnion sets for factory LS rockers. These units are designed to increase durability and load capacity without the failure common with factory needle bearings. Check 'em out Read More


7 GM LS & LT Crate Engines You Should Consider For Your Next Build

Junkyard builds can be awesome, but sometimes you don’t want the hassle, or inherit risk, of resurrecting previously-loved LS engines. We show you seven LS and LT crate engines you should consider. Read More


This 1962 Chevy II Nova Is A Lesson In Build-And-Drive-It Projects

The Brownfield's wanted to participate in car shows rather than just spectate, so they started by buying this Nova. What started as a driver, quickly turned into a custom rebuild, starting from the ground up. Read More

ARP1 - 3

Exclusive Tech: Inside ARP’s Custom Fasteners

Whether duplicating a rare head stud from a vintage engine or helping a 10,000-HP nitro engine survive, ARP can customize fasteners for any engine need. Read More


March Performance Releases SBC Long Water Pump Super Economy Kit

New from March Performance – the Super Economy Kit for Small Block Chevy Long Water Pumps. These kits use billet aluminum and chrome plated steel and look great for the price, too. Check it out! Read More


Street Tips: Replacing Hood Hinge Springs The Safe And Easy Way

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the easiest ones to overlook. In a moment of "why didn't I think of that?" we show you a simple and safe method for installing hood hinge springs. Read More


The Greats of Chevrolet Before They Were Famous: Bill Thomas

When it comes to racing, where would Chevrolet be if it weren't for guys like Bill Thomas? Wait a minute, you don't know who he is? Find out more, and learn just how instrumental he was in Chevrolet's history. Read More


Big-Block Crate Engines, Big Power Shipped To Your Door

Finding big power for your classic Chevy is as easy as checking out this guide. We found six top-notch builders that can deliver the big-block crate engine you need, to your door. All you need to do is choose. Read More