Undercover Innovations Offers Custom Engraving For Your Chevy

New from Undercover Innovations – custom engravings on Chevy valve covers. These engraved units add a special touch to the underhood aesthetic of your classic Bowtie vehicle. Check it out! Read More


Family Heirloom: Alex Koch’s Turbocharged, LQ4-powered ’65 Impala

Alex Koch's family heirloom just happens to be a turbocharged, LQ4-powered '65 Impala that has been in his family for as long as he can remember, but that doesn't make it any irreplaceable. Read More


Improving Your Shift With Silver Sport Transmissions

How the surprise of a lifetime turned out to be a lesson in true customer service. Steve Mehmert was having a driveline issue with his Chevelle, until one company stepped-up and remedied the problem. Read More

Dan Rensch 2

Sportsman Spotlight: Dan Rensch’s Nova Is A Streetable Outlaw Racer

After living life in the slow lane — and an Oregon barn, Dan Rensch's Nova now boasts a 560 cubic-inch, twin-turbocharged powerhouse. The goals are 6-second elapsed times with a street car persona. Read More


Outlaw Armageddon 2016 Racer Lists Exploding…96 Small Tire Cars!

Outlaw Armageddon - The Second Coming is bringing all of the best No Prep racers in the country to Thunder Valley Raceway in August to see who really is king of the No Prep world. Read More


’47 Chevy Meets ‘95 Cougar In This Tahoe-Powered Rat Rod

This rat rod owes now brand its primary allegiance, bringing together a post-war Chevy pickup with a Clinton-era Cougar in a one-of-a-kind rat rod. Read More


Diverse Rides Show Up To AFR V8 Builds Track Day

The first AFR V8 Builds Track day was a success, bringing together enthusiasts from all car genres to celebrate the performance of the V8 at Willow Springs. Read More


Throwback Thursday: The Legendary 1965 Z16-Optioned Malibu

Let's take a trip back to a time when "musclecars" were a novel idea. At one time, Chevrolet placed a cubic-inch limit on some of their cars. The Z16 Malibu brought that to an end, and musclecar wars were underway. Read More


Rebuild Tip Of The Week: Wiring Tips With Dakota Digital

Are you working on any wiring tasks in your project? This simple guide will help you make sure the connections you make will be done with ease, and deliver long-lasting functionality. Nobody likes wiring Gremlins. Read More


The Greats of Chevrolet Before They Were Famous: Donna Mae Mims

Some of the most notable people in Chevy history stand out because they were willing to break the rules and push traditional boundaries. Donna Mae Mims, also known as the “Pink Lady,” is one of those individuals Read More

Roller Lifters

Video: Comp Cams – Hydraulic Roller Lifters Do’s And Don’ts

Comp Cams' Billy Godbold goes over the basics of handling and inspecting your hydraulic roller lifters before and during the install process. Read More

Machine for seals

Tech: Rebuild Or Buy New, The Great Cylinder Head Debate

When it comes to engine breathing, the cylinder heads are the "switch" that allow it to inhale and exhale. When the heads need rebuilt, should you rebuild or get a set of aftermarket units. We breakdown the choices. Read More


Ridetech Debuts StreetGrip Suspension Kits For Tri-Fives

New from RideTech – StreetGrip suspension kits for Tri-Fives. These kits are direct-replacement units that will deliver tremendous improvements to ride quality and handling of these classic Bowties. Check 'em out! Read More


RetroSound Car Audio: Build A Radio To Fit Your Classic Dash Opening

Old cars have old car radio openings. If you don't want to cut a DIN-sized hole in your dash, there are a couple of other options, one of which is RetroSound. Read More


Home-Built Hero: Nello Bini’s ’61 Impala

The automotive hobby is not part of just the American culture. No matter where you travel, hot rods can be found, and Nello Bini of Soa Paula, Brazil is living proof. Check out his gorgeous '61 Impala. Read More


Building My Dream Chevelle – Nic Aguon

With so many different opinions about what makes the ideal car, let me take you on a voyage of my dream build. I envision a custom restomod that is simple, and possesses both form and function. Read More

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 3.15.35 PM copy

Video: FAST LSX Interchangeable Runner Dyno Testing

FAST is changing the game for LSX intake manifolds with interchangeable runners. Now you can tune your powerband with 3 lengths of runner, or mix and match! Read More


Project Lucky 13 Camaro Gets Vogtland Coilovers

Project Lucky 13 gets some adjustable twin-tube coilovers thanks to the German specialists at Vogtland. We take you through the features and install. Read More


The Greats of Chevrolet Before They Were Famous: “Jungle Pam” Hardy

Men still far outnumber women in the automotive industry, but some of the most famous individuals in Chevrolet's history were female. Take for example, “Jungle Pam” Hardy. Check out her story inside! Read More


QA1 Releases Rear Pro Coil Systems For 1973-1977 GM A-Body Models

QA1 has just released new Rear Pro Coil Systems designed specifically for the 1973-1977 GM A-Body vehicles including the Chevelle, Monte Carlo, Cutlass and Regal models. Read More